How you can use dynamic videos

You want videos with a fantastic CTR? Then dynamic videos are a perfect choice. Find out here how you can achieve better results for your customers with personalized and individualized videos.

For the entire customer life cycle

Dynamic videos are always suitable if you want to link content that requires explanation with emotional messages. This can be important throughout the entire customer lifecycle:

Beispielanwendung für personalisierte Videos und Dynamic Video Ads mit Otto

Customer acquisition

Engage your customers with personally relevant content. Businesses with dynamic videos stand out from the digital noise and outperform competitors with up to 5 times higher click-through rate (CTR). Return on investment (ROI) is up to 10 times higher.


Give onboarding processes a personal touch. Personalized videos create a connection with the audience and can explain even complex features in an easy-to-understand way. This leads to up to 7 times higher engagement and a completely new customer experience.

Beispielanwendung für personalisierte Videos und Dynamic Video Ads mit Otto
Beispielanwendung für personalisierte Videos und Dynamic Video Ads


Take the pressure off your customers' customer service. Dynamic videos offer an interactive service experience that can be automated to a large extent with vidflare. As a result, our customers' call volume decreased by up to 70%. Bye-bye, service overload!


Delight customers with personalized cross- and upselling. With dynamic videos, you can present offers in a particularly attractive way and significantly increase product sales. Some of our customers have increased their sales by up to 200% with personalized videos.

Beispielanwendung für personalisierte Videos und Dynamic Video Ads mit Rewe
Dynamic Video Ad und personalisierte Videos Anwendungsbeispiel

Customer loyalty

Address target groups emotionally and stay in their memory. Whether it's new customer contracts, loyalty rewards, or birthdays, dynamic videos increase the perceived value of target groups and increased retention rates by up to 40% for customers in a wide range of industries.

With vidflare you can...

Customize video content for different audiences with just a few clicks,

achieve better results for your agency's clients,

create hundreds of personalized videos in minutes,

establish your customers within the minds of their target audiences,

win more customers through personalized content,

increase the CTR of your videos many times over,

regionalize your video campaigns completely data-driven,

and much more.

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