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vidflare is the fully automated solution for dynamic videos and personalized storytelling: Customize video content for your target audiences with just a few clicks and maximize click-through rates, brand awareness and leads in no time.

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As a marketer, you know how powerful personalization is in marketing. But creating a variety of videos for all your customers, audiences, or products is time-consuming: First you have to manually adjust video & audio content, typography, images and color schemes, then calculate each video individually, export it, name it correctly, set the URLs and then upload it. With vidflare, this is much faster: Just change your data feed and our platform will instantly create new video versions for you. You can then publish the videos directly to all channels via the docked content delivery network.


vidflare is the gamechanger for your agency & your customers

More attention

With personalization, video marketing becomes a personal message. Your videos stand out from the competition and increase the likelihood that customers will watch the video to the end.

More emotions

Create brand experiences that inform, inspire and excite customers. With personalized storytelling, you can get messages across to target audiences more emotionally and stay in their minds longer.

More tests

vidflare can create hundreds of video variations for you in minutes. This saves you valuable time and gives you the opportunity to find out which versions work best through extensive A/B/N testing.

More success

Engagement on personalized creatives is many times higher. With vidflare, you increase click-through rates to your videos with ease and significantly improve campaign performance.

Boundless individualization

Whether video, audio or image sources: With vidflare you can easily customize your videos on all levels. You can even change the entire color scheme of your designs or texts data-driven - as well as font sizes, fonts, dimensions, asset positions and much more. All dynamic elements appear in top quality directly in the video without overlays.

vidflare is suitable for: Video ads on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok & Co.), digital outdoor advertising (digital out-of-home), in-store TV, digital signage, OTT (over-the-top content), product videos for online shops, videos on landing pages, in-banner video ads, pre-roll video ads, and much more

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Optional data analysis

You don't know where to start with the personalization of your videos? We'll be happy to analyze the desired purpose and the data variety of previous campaigns. The search for the optimal degree of individualization of your creatives starts here.


We don't just provide you with unique software. If you want, we are always available to help you on the way to individualized content and are happy to answer questions. For example, many customers come to us with their campaign idea and we then create the content based on the delivered concept and take care of the personalization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

vidflare is a web-based video & motion graphics editor (SaaS) with the ability to connect data feeds (spreadsheet, JSON, XML & CSV). Once you have created your layout templates, you can use our editor to link any feed columns with video content and get a separate video for each data set. For changes in the video you then only have to change your data sets: vidflare immediately calculates new video versions and returns you a feed that corresponds to the feed you read in and is supplemented with video URLs. You can then publish your videos directly on the desired channels via our CDN.

Of course! vidflare’s open architecture and free choice of input & output formats (Spreadsheet, JSON, XML & CSV) allows you to integrate vidflare into any pipeline with ease. This way you don’t have to be held back by the limited video functionalities of your used marketing platforms in the future. Simply integrate vidflare into your setup and use hyper-personalized & highly effective creatives in any format for your campaigns in seconds.

vidflare is unique on the market as a 100% proprietary complete solution: from the web-based editor including extensive project and team management interface, to the connectivity systems for linking data sources, to the video render engine – all system components are operated in our own data center in Hamburg. The in-house development of the entire platform has enormous advantages, for example, when it comes to implementing new features quickly and efficiently or getting customer-specific, required special solutions up and running super fast. We can “go down to the engine room” at any time and, if necessary, make the appropriate adjustments at top speed – so our customers can rely rock-solid on the stability of vidflare at all times. With vidflare, you don’t just rent some anonymous SaaS platform, but are fully supported and advised by our customer access team right from the start. We focus on your projects and support you fully with our extensive experience. Try it out and challenge us!

Our pricing is absolutely straightforward and the costs are always easy for you to calculate: Your account for using the platform is completely free. As a company admin, you can invite as many users as you like, organize them into teams, and assign user rights appropriate to their respective roles. Uploading media assets, creating projects, and linking data sources are also free of charge. You only pay a fixed amount per template when you create layout templates within your projects, which also covers the cost of the automated creation of your dynamic videos for the first month. Additionally, we charge for the monthly use of the created content within your campaigns based on a fair, usage-specific CPM. We have no binding contracts and you only pay for vidflare when you use it – 100% Pay as you go!

In the first step, we invite you to a video call in which we guide you through the entire platform and introduce you to the functions and possibilities using a demo project. Here you can take a look at everything at your leisure via screensharing and can even try your hand at it yourself to get a feel for the tool. Afterwards, you will be well informed and will certainly decide quickly to start with vidflare.

Behind vidflare is the Hamburg-based technology & creative agency MJOO. We have over two decades of experience in software development, content creation and motiongraphic design. Meanwhile we have specialized in personalization and media automation. Over the years, we’ve developed a toolset to program and simplify video creation – with vidflare, we’ve now combined these tools and our expertise into one software. Learn more about MJOO and the founders of vidflare in our About Us.

If you don’t have any video material yet or haven’t had much experience in the area of moving images, we can also help you. Either we develop the content for you and produce your video layouts ourselves or work together with friendly agencies. We can easily create the creatives for a matching dynamic video campaign based on the content of an existing display campaign. Contact us and tell us about your project.

Yes, we can develop custom solutions for your agency. For example, web solutions for personalized e-learning applications, platforms for automated creation of graphics from CMS data, video-on-demand platforms, video branding tools and much more. For such and similar requests, it’s best to send us a message.

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